Can trainees from out of Europe be trained in live surgery

The requirements to be trained in Belgium, part of the European Community


In a Belgian royal decree it is pointed out that in order to exercise medicine, one has to be a member of the Medical Association of the Kingdom of Belgium.

However, after application sometimes Belgian Law grants non EU-resident doctors to practice medicine in a well-defined curriculum or post-graduated scholarship. This practice is moreover, on their own behalf and risk and it is emphasised that a proper and valid insurance policy should be taken. No reimbursements claims can be made towards any Belgian insurance company whatsoever.

When the permission is granted, one is subjected to take part and/or carry out only those medical acts necessary for the training which was applied for. Also, these medical acts should be carried out under direct supervision of the training master and cannot give any reason for a recognition as described in article 35sexies of the royal decree.

The application should be made at least four months prior to the start of the scholarship and the permission shall only be valid for one year.  Moreover, bear in mind that renewal shall be considered as a new application.

For further information, please contact Ms Caroline Jadot at or Ms Inge Duthoi at at the Federal Health Government - International Affairs.

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