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The financial situation of the Antwerp City Hospitals ( Openbaar Centrum voor Maatschappelijk Welzijn - OCMW) has always been difficult, because of the services to the poorer community. The recent influx of large numbers of asylum seekers has brought the system down and radical measures had to be taken. The City Hospitals have been regrouped in an independent structure "Ziekenhuis netwerk Antwerpen". The ZNA no longer solely dependent of the OCMW. The ZNA's objective is to lead the different hospitals to selfsufficiency and came to a financial break-even in 2006.
The ETCA has remained the same but it now takes more efforts of the different teachers as teaching  is done mostly after hours.

  • Bruno J van Herendael  ; Honorary Director ETCA and Medical Director of the International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy (ISGE). He teaches out of ZNA site Stuivenberg. He is secretary of the Gynaecological Endoscopic Platform of the Flemish Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (VVOG). His main interest is ambulatory hysteroscopy and major laparoscopic surgery including,cancer surgery, pelvic floor and adhesiolysis.
  • Bart De Vree is staff member of the department Obstet/Gynecol at ZNA Middelheim and consultant at the University Hospital of Antwerp University. Laatste zin He runs the ambulatory hysteroscopy department at ZNA Middelheim. He is in charge of the Hysteroscopic side of the ETCA.
  • Marc Francx teaches out of ZNA site Middelheim. He is involved in the steering group of the GEP. His mean interest is out-patient hysteroscopy and classical laparoscopic surgery. He is actively involved in the hysteroscopy see and treat clinic.
  • Benedikt Tas teaches out of ZNA Sint Elisabeth. He is involved in the major endoscopic surgery at ZNA Stuivenberg. At ZNA Sint Erasmus he deals with the mesh surgery of the department. He is an active member of the Pelvic Floor Task Force ZNA STER since 2004.


General Surgery

  • Robrecht Van Hee Honorary director of the ETCA, teaches out of ZNA site Stuivenberg. His main interest is history of medicine. He holds the chair on the subject at the University of Antwerp UA. He is especially interested to teach the juniors the fundamentals of endoscopic surgery so that they are able to execute the routine endoscopic procedures flawlesly. He heads the Academic Surgical Centre at the ZNA site Stuivenberg.
  • Leo Hendrickx teaches out of ZNA site Stuivenberg. He has recently been appointed as head of the surgical division. He serves also as Medical Super Intendant of ZNA STER.His main interest is bariatric surgery. He is the president of the bariatric surgery association.
  • Stijn Heyman teaches out of ZNA Stuivenberg. He is a general surgeon with a keen interest in Minimal Invasive surgery and NOTES with flexible endoscopes. He pioneers endo-luminal surgery of the upper gastro-intestinal tract. He mastered the sub-speciality of Children’s surgery. He is in charge of the laparoscopic side of the ETCA.
  • Fabio Ghezzi He became Professor and Head of department Obstet/Gynecol at the Università dell’Insubria in Varese and leads the ISGE Centre of Excellence in Varese.
  • Paolo Beretta He became head of department in one of the larger peripheral hospital in Lombardia (Italy) in Busto Arsizio provincial di Varese.

Logistical coordination of the ETCA

  • Chris Van de Mosselaer is for over 20 years the right hand of Bruno J van Herendael. Thanks to all the efforts and her coordination the ETCA is recognized as a center of excellence around the world.

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