Is there a place for laparoscopy in oncology ?

Laparoscopy is a way of access


There is a place for laparoscopy in the field of oncology. One however has never to forget that laparoscopy is the way of acess and that the interventions have to be carried out according to the principles of oncological surgery.
The main advantage of endoscopy over open abdomen surgery is the vision. In endoscopy we have our eye exactly where we want it. in node sampling ie there is no question that the approach is better with endoscopy be it in pelvic or in para aortal sampling. A surgeon can never bend his or her head, to get a good angle of view, to the same extent as the scope can.
We had a tremendously difficult time to convince our oncologists until we took them to theatre and they could see for themselves the anatomic dissection of the fossa iliaca and the difference between normal and pathological nodes. Their fear that we would end up with entry site metastasis can easily be addressed by using bags to extract the specimen from the abdomen.
It is my belief that it is worthwhile to physically bring your oncologist and your pathologist to theatre to assist a case. Just one case says more than a thousand discussions during conferences.

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