New techniques induce new instruments

The reduction of the diameter of the scopes and the variation of the 5 French instruments


In our book "Ambulatory Hysteroscopy: diagnosis and treatment" we, Stefano Bettocchi, Rafael Valle and myself, have described the possibilities of the hysteroscopy on an ambulatory basis.
The Book is published by Bladon Medical Publishing, Oxford UK, John Harrison publisher
ISBN 1-904218-12-1.
'As a gynecologist who has been in the field of hysteroscopy from its infancy 30 years ago, I congratulate both the editors and publisher for a very high-quality, unique, scholarly and contemporary scientific publication on ambulatory hysteroscopy'.
John J. Sciarra MD, Thomas J.Watkins Professor
, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Northwestern University Medical School and Former President, International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy.

LapGame - Surgitools Shanghai

Surgitools Shanghai offers a simple exercise unit to train endoscopic suturing

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Ambulatory Hysteroscopy: Diagnosis and Treatment
pdf, 655.3K, 04/24/19, 920 downloads

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